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Waves Esthetique & Spa Ebene is a welcoming haven of tranquility and calm situated in the heart of EBENE. Step away from the crowded streets into a beautiful and relaxing environment. Our expert team of friendly therapists offers a wide range of spa and advances beauty treatments, individually tailored to revive and rejuvenate key areas of the body and provide an overall sense of wellbeing. Our services range from an hour long treatment to a whole days pampering.

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As the owner of Waves Esthetique and Spa, My number one priority is making sure that you walk away from the spa feeling better, whether its a noticeable improvement that is giving you confidence, an increase in energy because you really needed that rest or simply a greater sense of self worth we believe that every positive change makes a difference, If you are curious about visiting Waves Esthetique & Spa, gives us a call or send us a message we will be happy to discuss our recommendations

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